classic picture of ankle injury showing internal bleed.

Ankle Injuries in Outdoor First Aid, could ‘High Cut’ boots be a possible cause of injuries?

We've all been told that 'proper boots' that go over the ankle reduce ankle injuries.

diagram showing classic ankle sprains

Does research to support this?

Research published in the American ‘Journal of Foot and Ankle Research’ suggests that ‘high top boots’ may not protect ankles from injury. 

‘No difference were observed between the various types of shoes’ 

Was one of the conclusions the researchers came too. 

They also suggested that ‘high cut’ shoes can increase the risk of ankle injuries. 

Real world experience.

When I started doing Mountain Marathons and longer fell runs I was told to use low cut fell shoes with very narrow/low soles (more like slippers) to REDUCE ankle injuries. Yet we are told that a high cut boot with thick high soles will also REDUCE ankle injuries.



Ankle injuries will continue to be a very common outdoor first aid concern. I am not going to throw out my high cut walking boots, but I also continue to use fell running shoes, approach shoes and wellington boots when they are suitable and increase my  ability to avoid the slips and trips that are so common in outdoor first aid. .

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