First Aid Course on your site for 1 to 12 people

You save on:

  • Staff travel time,  mileage and accommodation
  • Your time,  as it is simple to organise
  • Save you up to 45%
  • The dates that work best for you
  • The course is tailored to your work place and team

All the photos on the page are taken from training courses we have delivered at peoples work places.

onsite forestry first aid course
Onsite First Aid Training Oban

A fencing contractor needed 3 people to get the + F Forestry Emergency First Aid at Work QUICKLY!

We ran the course for him at short notice in his friends barn, that night we sent a PDF company headed letter to the company he was contracting with stating they had all attended and passed the first aid training and could be on the site the next day. 

How does it work?

We keep a simple price structure so you can quickly work out how much it will cost.

  • 1 person is £199 per day if you are in the Lochaber area.
  • 3-4 people standard price for that course, i.e. 4 x Emergency First Aid at Work @ £119 is £476, no VAT payable
  • 5 people 10% off
  • If you are outside the Lochaber area the miniimuim course size is 3, plus travel at 45p per mile and if needed accommodation

For more than 6 we normally charge £450 per day and £16 certification per person as this works out cheaper.

 No VAT payable. 


That price includes registration and certification.

  • Mileage is at the HMRC rate of .45p per mile from our resisted office, i.e. our office is PH33 7JP, your site is IV1 1AX, 66 mile trip, 132 in total, 132 x .45, makes the trave cost £59.40.

  • If you are more than 2 hours drive we may need to add the cost of trainers accomodation. 
  • We pass on the exact cost of any ferry’s

Yes, we often run the 1 day Emergency First Aid as day 1 of the 3 day First Aid at Work. Then the people in your team doing First Aid at Work carry on and do day 2 & 3. 


Enough room for all the people on the course  to sit in. Half the course will need to lie on the floor as ‘casualties’ while the other half have space to move around them. 

We have done courses in barns, workshops, yurts, tepees and vehicle sheds as well as offices, churches and restaurants. 

Doing first aid training in a workplace adds real value and context to the course. 

We deal with this often. All our courses are modular and fit together to efficiently train your team with out you running multiple courses.

All the team can start on the same course with some staying on to complete extra units. A simple and affective way to train your team at different levels. 

For team in which some people need the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work, some the 3 day First Aid at Work and others need the 2 day First Aid at Work Revalidation we would put together a course like this:

Day 1, Unit 1. Emergency First Aid at Work, First Aid at Work and Revalidation First Aid at Work all attend and do Unit 1. The Emergency First Aid at Work finish and do not need to attend further days. 

Day 2, Unit 2. First Aid at Work and Revalidation First Aid at Work all attend, with the Revalidation First Aid finishing and not needing to attend further days. 

Day 3, Unit 3. First Aid at Work candidates attend and complete the final unit. 


First Aid at your site Scotland

Oban based company needed key staff trained but had specific dates to fit in with a growing business

We ran the course at their venue on the dates that worked for them, we even had a late start to fit in an early morning video meeting. Because it was Oban and less than 60miles from our office we did not charge travel. 

Example of a group course booked by Active Schools, Highland Council.

 Active schools wanted a Emergency First Aid at Work 6 hours course for their volunteers. They had  twelve people and access to Coal Community Centre. As volunteers they also accessed a special community and voluntary group rate. In total this saved them well over over 47% off the cost of first aid training. Plus, it reduced staff travel cost and time. 


Frequently asked questions for bespoke and private courses.

The venue needs to big enough for up to 6 people to lie down on the floor and 6 people to work around them, away from doors and other hazards. The floor needs to be suitable for people to lie and kneel on.  Chairs are really important.  Two power points and a table to put the projector and laptop on are useful, but powerpoint is not essential. Some of our best courses have had no powerpoint. 

Its great if different groups can come together to make a full course. It is easer if they have a similar back ground, i.e. forestry and construction works well; as does outdoor instructors and countryside rangers. 

Some organisations sell their ‘spare’ places to others or invite community or charity groups to share the training. 

Yes, experience tells us that 2.5 to 3 hours an evening is about right, the fewer number of sessions the easer it is for people to attend and stay focused. For an Emergency First Aid at Work we’d suggest 2 sessions. Any evening course over several evenings needs to be in the Lochaber area due to the extended traveling time for the traineer. We do not charge travel costs for courses in the Lochaber area. 

For each trainer you can have 12 people. If you have more than 12 most business find it easer to have two courses on separate dates as it has less impact on running the business, you can still run the business while one group do the training. 

Sometimes you just  need a course NOW! We understand that teams change and business’s develop, so we are used to supporting Highlands based employers with 1 to 1 training. To maintain quality and learning we use 4k Dolby Vision video feedback on large screen so that learners can see their confidence and skills develop. For the First Aid at Work 3 days course we will need to ‘borrow’ a third person for 20 minutes to practice ‘spinal log roll’. 

Outdoor First Aid course at your centre

A Bushcraft and adventure tourism company needed a 2 day Outdoor First Aid course for their team at the start of the season

We ran the course at the dates that suited them on their site, saving them money with discounted places and no travel time and cost.  

Onsite first aid training Inverness

A large estate need key staff trained in first aid for estate operations and looking after guests

Like many estates they are busy but with a ‘shoulder season’ when they had time to train staff. We ran a course in their vehicle shed during the down part of the year. We have been back a number of times. 

First Aid training in your community
First Aid training in your workplace
-in the heart of the Highlands
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