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Need advice on a Childs head injury?

Children banging their heads is all part of growing up.

But how do you know when to get medical help?

May be you  look after children and need to have a ‘bump sheet’ to advise parents and carers when their child has had a bump that did not need medical care but still concerns you?

On this week’s First Aid at Work course, we covered head injuries and talked about how we need to be vigilant when a child has a head injury that does seem to need immediate medical help.

This advice sheet from the NHS is great to help you make an effective decision or for teachers, childminders and nursery to give to parents or carers who’s child has had a ‘bump’ while under their care.

After a child has had a bang to the head this information can help guide to the best response.

To download the full 2 page leaflet just follow the link or click on the image below…/CS45385_NHS_Head_Injury_advic…

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