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New Highlands Based Research on Ticks

tick first aid

The North Tick Project

Will be aiming to improve the detection and treatment of tick-borne diseases will be run in Scotland as well as wider UK, also Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Inverness’sScottish Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Infections Reference Laboratory (SLDTRL) are involved. 

The BBC claims only 200 people a year are diagnosed with Lymes disease, the main tick-born disease, but those of us who live and work in the Highlands may suspect the actual figure is much higher. 

On most of our monthly Fort William based first aid courses those being trained will have friends, family and colleagues who have been affected. 

Tick are not on the official syllabus for standard work first aid. But we cover tick first aid on all our courses. 

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  1. Hugh Alexander

    South Ayrshire is rife with tiny ticks right now really bad have taken many of them off my cats ????

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