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All first aid courses do CPR. How can Highland First Aid make you more effective and confident?

CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, is when you push down on the chest 'pump' blood around the body.

Is part of every first aid course as it can give some one a real chance of surviving.

In our first aid courses we look at the practical ways we can make you more confident at CPR, 

Cardio what?

On our first aid courses we try to avoid medical terms as it can confuse us and the emergency services need clear precise information from us, but CPR seems a word a lot of us use. So what does it mean? 



means the heart.


whose main function is to pump blood around the body


– which refers to the lungs


The lungs job is to take oxygen from the air  and supply it to the blood (as blood is pumped through the lungs by the heart which receives back the oxygenated blood to circulate around the whole body


– which means to revive from death or unconsciousness

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