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Tick Advice from NHS Scotland

Useful information on ticks in the Scottish Highlands that you can download by clicking on the posters to get the originals ones from NHS Scotland

In Lochaber we are all becoming more aware of ticks and Lymes disease, our Fort William GP’s are very focused on this issue. 

What about guests, friends and family who are coming into the area to visit? 

These  posters and flyers are ideal of B & B’s, hotels and business to give to clients. J

2 thoughts on “Tick Advice from NHS Scotland”

  1. Neil Johnston

    It’s great that you have this tick info, well done!! – however the links to NHS website are dead – 404 Page Not Found, You need to change them to

    I have found it very hard to find info & poster I can put in & pin up in a hostel in the Cairngorms. Too much of it is focussed on Lyme disease itself, whereas I want to focus on education about ticks & preventing. Strange, seeing as how common ticks are these days… And that is why I was so pleased to find the info you put up!

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