First Aid at Work – 18 hours (3 days)

Emergency First Aid at Work 18 hour (over 3 days)

An 18 hours course spread over 3 days that covers managing risk in a medium hazard environment such a light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufacture. 



Who is Emergency First Aid at Work for?

  • Your staff who operate machinery or work in an environment that increases the risk of a first aid incident
  • If your risk assessment covers burns, drowning, severe cuts / lacerations and crush injuries this is a very effective course

For the qualification specification and assessment principles for First Aid at Work see ITC Certificate in First Aid

How do I choose the right first aid course?

If you are an employer or manager your risk assessment should help to indicate what is the most suitable first aid course for your level of risk.

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) produce clear and straightforward advice. Look at these links

And this great free download from HSE

Still not sure? Contact us and we can work with you to find the right course.

How do I know that Highland First Aid is offering appropriate first aid training?

It’s important to check the training you need meets the requirements of ‘due diligence’ that employers have to carry out before selecting a course. At Highland First Aid we have made that easy:

researcher working in a biotechnology lab / biochemical engineer working with microplate in a laboratory experiment
  • The qualifications we offer are accredited by Scottish Qualification Authority
  • So our courses are externally verified for compliance and quality
  • Our trainers are all qualified
  • Our trainers all have Advanced First Aid qualifications
  • Trainers carry out regular professional development and first aid refreshers
  • We work with ITC First to provide another layer of verification, observations and professional development

You can find more advice in HSE’s information sheet GEIS3 Selecting a first-aid training provider: A guide for employers (


-in the heart of the Highlands
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